<aside> 💡 Join the Hookathon and showcase your ideas! This 3-day online ideathon provides opportunities for web3 builders to share ideas about wallet, account abstraction and intent(YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW ANY CODING SKILLS TO PARTICIPATE IN)! Workshops and QA sessions are available for all levels of experience. Complete challenges and compete for prizes!


‼️ TL;DR

  1. 📑 Register for the Hookathon.
  2. 🎤 Read the Hookathon Notion Page from Blocto.
  3. 🤙 Join the Blocto Discord to get updates related to this Hookathon.
  4. 🤔 Pick a bounty and start building!
  5. 🏁  Submit your project here by Monday, November 6th at 4pm UTC+2

🗓 Calendar


🎢 Bounties

<aside> 🧑‍🏫 You can answer more than one bounty. Your project will be judged separately for each bounty.

You MUST submit by 4:00 pm UTC+2 in your time zone on November, 6th 2023.

If submitting only for Blocto's bounty, you assign rights to Blocto but retain a full license to use your creation for any purpose.



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